I’m currently not accepting review requests at this time.


The books reviewed on this blog will always have been purchased, received as a gift, borrowed or received in exchange for an honest review. When reviewing a book it will always clearly be stated where the book has come from.

Genres I’m interested in:
– Chick-lit
– Contemporary
– Historical
– Paranormal
– Suspense

Young Adult
– Contemporary
– Dystopian
– Fantasy
– Historical Fiction
– Paranormal

Genres I’m not interested in:
Non Fiction
Science Fiction

Review Format:
Cover Art
Book Information
Links to Goodreads and Amazon
My Review & Rating
About the Author

Rating System:

5/5: It was awesome! Highly recommend
4/5: It was there but something was missing. I’ll read the rest of the series and most likely reread again.
3/5: It was okay. There might be a chance I’ll read the rest of the series.
2/5: I tried, but it put me to sleep
1/5: Dust collector on my bookshelf
0/5: Did not finish

3 thoughts on “POLICIES”

    1. Hey, that’s awesome, thank you so much!! There is an about page I just didn’t like the standard ‘About’ and so I changed it to ‘girl behind the blog’. But that’s okay, thank you none the less.

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