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Review | Into the Light by Kathryn Ascher


My Initial Thoughts

After reading the first few pages and being introduced to Ms Kerrigan Dodd, I felt for her immediately when Jack finally made his grand entrance and she recognized him as the boy from her past and had her heart in her throat. It was a what the hell have I gotten myself into kinda moment.

“…Jack Hart? That was Jackson Harris.
Kerrigan’s chest felt heavy as she braved another glimpse.  Those were most definitely  Jackson’s full lips, the ones she’d dreamt about kissing since she was a teenager. Those were his  high cheekbones and scruffy, square jaw, his straight nose, his cute little dimples. Those were Jackson’s strong arms, the ones that had held her the  morning of her parent’s funeral, now wrapped around two busty, tall blondes. Kerrigan stood frozen, staring unfocused into the room, suddenly wishing she’d listened to her brother’s advice…”



Enter Jack…who I from first impression didn’t really like, his man-whore of a persona and all. But first impressions are just that, eventually when his facade drops and the real man shows his true colors we warm up to each other quite nicely.

What You Can Expect

What starts out as Kerrigan keeping business and personal separate turned into two friends rekindling and exploring what once could have been, what might be and finally may possibly find the happily ever after that they had always wanted and now deserve to enjoy.

This was a sweet little romance that can be read as a stand alone book from the first two in the series; What It Takes and On The Line . It wasn’t really until near the end that characters from the previous novels made a brief appearance.

Overall I didn’t see the end coming despite the feeling certain that certain characters were slimy and untrustworthy and was completely shocked by the turn of events. But I still really enjoyed it!

The novel had a lot of plot twists and kept my interest piqued that I had little interest and much trouble putting it down. I can’t wait to see if there is going to be another addition to the series and to see where the characters end up. Out of the three books so far, Into the Light has been by far my favorite with On the Line coming in at a close second and What It Takes taking up the rear.


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