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Review | On the Line by Kathryn Ascher



On the Line is about a young woman, Janelle Morgan, dealing with the aftermath of a public spectacle that her deceased husband left her with just before taking his own life. Janelle deals with issues stemming from her childhood on her quest for normalcy, love and happiness.

I really enjoyed On the Line. I loved how the novel picked up right where What It Takes (review here) left off. It was a nice feature however if I hadn’t of read What It Takes previously or remembered what happened then I probably would have been totally lost for the first few chapters.

The other shoe finally dropped, (if you remember from my latest What I’m Reading post, I had said I was waiting for the other shoe to drop on their happiness). The looming thundercloud finally made it’s presence. Things were just too happy for them to not have something go wrong. I was half expecting what played out to happen, it was kind of predictable but it was definitely needed.

I really didn’t like Mary Morgan, Janelle and Kelsey’s mother. I felt like her character was a bit overplayed, like she kept popping up almost every scene. The abuse she enforced on her daughters was atrocious and was really thrown in your face over the course of the novel. I get that it was part of her personality but by the end of the novel I was ready to reach in and try and shake some sense into her.

All in all, it was a very good book. I was kind of sad with the ending because it ended just like that, kind of out of the blue. But it was still good.

Keep an eye out for my review of Into the Light for the books release this fall!



5 thoughts on “Review | On the Line by Kathryn Ascher”

  1. I absolutely love this author. What it takes was really good. However, I read On the Line in 2 days. I love that Mary finally gets held accountable for evil actions to the girls. Inlove Janelles stregnth and internal war for what she wants more: to be happy orplease her mother. This book was non stop action. If it wasnt relationships i wanted to keep readingt o make sure where okay it was legalities I had to understand. I was not ready for book to end but so excited about October as the pitter patter of little feet await us!


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