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Feature and Follow


Thought I’d join in on this community and find some more blogs to support and follow. This meme is hosted by AlisonCanRead and Parajunkee. You can view this weeks original post here.

Congrats to Caffeine and Books on being featured this week. You can find her post here.

This weeks prompt:

What are your favorite genres in books?

My answer:

Let’s see, Romance is the main genre I go to, I’ll read any sub-genre that falls under the romance category. Romance books are my weakness. Something about happily ever afters, that get me every time.

I also enjoy reading Young Adult novels, with sub-genres in Fantasy, Supernatural, and Dystopian.

Last but not least I also like reading mystery-crime type novels, my favorite series being the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series by Kay Hooper.

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Thanks for stopping by, have a great week, and happy reading!


17 thoughts on “Feature and Follow”

  1. I agree about romance, there’s just something about it. Romances are my go to reads when I’m feeling down or a little out of it. They’re pick me ups! 🙂 Following via bloglovin’.

    My FF!


  2. I’m a bit pickier about my romances. I love, love, love paranormal romance. I also read the occasional “fighter-boy” romance and I’m really into dark romance as well. Beyond that a lot of it is hit or miss for me.


    1. I’m finding a lot of them are hit and misses for me too unless I’ve read the author before and I’ve enjoyed previous works by them, then it might be okay.
      Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend,
      Happy Reading!


  3. Romances are fun to read and so easy to get caught up in. I read more tragedies but happily ever afters are a nice change of pace for me too. New Bloglovin’ follower.


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