Monthly Rewind

Monthly Rewind | January 2016

Crazy Antics Reviews Monthly Rewind January 2016
Originally hosted by Jamie @ Perpetual Page-Turner, Monthly Rewind, gives me a chance to share personal things that happened in my life in the past month and does a general recap.


Things that Happened in January
 1. Education – I started my fourth and final semester of the Tourism and Travel program at my local college. Graduation is just around the corner now! 
2. – Crazy Antics become self hosted and with it came lots of trial and error. But I’m very proud of what it has become!
Songs that Were Popular on My Playlist

Superficial Love by Ruth B
The Lightening Strike (What If the Storm Ends?) by Snow Patrol


Top Books I Read This Month

* I only read two books this month


New Obsessions

1. Bones – I got sick right before school started at the beginning of the month and started binge watching Bones on Netflix
2. Plastic Page Protectors – My friends think I’ve gone a little OCD with organizing my binders for class. I page protect (lamenate in their words) everything
3. Avon – My lovely mother started to sell Avon and she’s got me hooked. I’m currently waiting for my third order to come in


 4 Things I’m Looking Forward to In February
1. The snow to melt
2. The sales on chocolate after Valentines Day is done and gone away
3. My 3rd Avon order
4. Reading Week – my schools term for our spring break
5. Grey’s Anatomy to return
6. The Walking Dead to return

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