Monthly Rewind | December 2015

Originally hosted by Jamie @ Perpetual Page-Turner, Monthly Rewind, gives me a chance to share personal things that happened in my life in the past month and does a general recap.

Things About My Life This Month

1. Final Exams, Final Grades and the End of Third Semester – December brought the end of my third semester of four, I’m almost done and I’m so excited. I had myself convinced that I wouldn’t be able to graduate in May with my fellow classmates because I thought I had failed one of my classes, and the only chance to retake the class was next fall (waiting until next fall would have sucked) but I’m happy to say that all my studying and hard work paid off. I passed all my final exams which contributed to passing all my classes. I’m very proud and excited that I’m on track to graduate in May.
2. Certified – At the beginning of December amongst handing in final projects and preparing for finals, I took a certification test for my job field with many of the other people in my semester and passed the exam. This certification requires a 75% or higher grade percentage in order to become certified.
Songs I Listened to This Month

I had a really big Johnny Cash faze this month. That and listening to a randomized playlist called Today’s Lite Pop on Songza
Books I Read in December
1. Forgetting August by J. L. Berg
2. Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen
New Obsessions

1. The 100 – A television series. I was looking for something new to watch with everything being on Winter Break until the New Year. I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m also rooting for Octavia and Lincoln, they are amazing together.
Things I’m Looking Forward to In January
1. Fourth Semester – I’m really looking forward to the start of fourth semester. It marks the beginning of the final leg of this two year long journey that I’ve been on. It also marks the last part of this chapter that I will hopefully be closing come May. I’m also just overly excited to get back to school.

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