NaNoWriMo Update {Week 01}

Hey guys,

So this month, even though I’ve been incredibly busy, I decided I was going to attempt NaNoWriMo yet again. My start was a little wonky and even though I’m not completely caught up, I am completely confident that I will succeed.

The novel I’m writing is a contemporary romance. A spin off of a work in progress that’s almost finished. I am going complete pantster this year. I was supposed to plan everything but with school, I just never got down to it. But the semester is coming to a wind down and I’ve found that I have some downtime between classes, so my focus during that time is primarily writing.

My current word count: 8,665/50,000
It should be as of today hitting around the 15,000 mark, I should be well beyond that tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest. 

So here’s a bit of an except, if you will:

Makayla Lane glanced out at the passing scenery as she headed out of town. Her eyes stung with another round of fresh tears, against the day’s events, events that had led up to this moment. She was finally free, but look at what it had cost them. 

I really do hope to finish it, and the others and to get them published one day. Is anyone else doing NaNo this year? If so I’m always looking for writing buddies you can add me ladymaurader.


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