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Perfect Touch by Elizabeth Lowell

Perfect Touch
Elizabeth Lowell
ISBN-13: 978-0-0623-2834-2
Publisher: William Morrow
Release Date: July 28 2015
Genre/s: Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Mystery
Format: E-book; 368 pages
Source: bought

My Rating: 4/5

An art dealer and owner of her own design studio, Perfect Touch,  Sarah “Sam” Maddox travels to the world to find the ideal artwork for her clients. Her sophisticated, comfortable life in San Francisco is light years away from the poverty of her family’s dairy farm, and Sam will do whatever it takes to keep her business strong. A dedicated urban career woman focused on her work, she doesn’t have time or energy for a family or distracting romantic entanglements.
Jay Vermillion recently inherited Vermillion Sky, a working ranch near Wyoming’s breathtaking Grand Teton Mountains – and the estates of the rich and restless. While he was fighting in two wars, his father tried to keep the homestead running, until illness stole his fight and then his life. Jay’s determined to restore Vermillion Sky, but first he’s got to settle a vicious battle with his former stepmother over some of his late father’s paintings. The last thing on his mind is finding a wife and creating a sixth generation of Vermillions.
When Jay hires Sam to handle his father’s artwork, it’s love at first sight – a mutually inconvenient attraction that is soon complicated by a double murder at the edge of the ranch and a potential betrayal even closer to home. Working together to unmask a murderer, Sam and Jay try to fight the intense heat between them. Then the killer targets Sam. And suddenly, Jay, the war-weary soldier, finds something he’s once again willing to die for…


Perfect Touch is about a girl from the city, Sam who is a down to earth, tell it to you straight, intelligent up and coming art dealer and Jay the man who’s haunted by the past and looking to fix the ruin that was his father’s legacy. The two of them embark on a journey to appease Jay’s father’s last dying request, which turns into a dangerous and deadly game over a single painting.

It was hard not to hate Jay’s former step mother, in the beginning and throughout most of the novel. The way her character was written to be perceived it was very hard to like the demanding woman. It wasn’t until the very end, when all was revealed that I actually felt sorry for the poor woman. Up until that point I believed she was behind the game of cat and mouse.

Bart Vermillion should have been drowned at birth. He was a spoiled little fox in disguise hiding in the chicken coop. Although his spoiled upbringing was part of the greedy product he had become.

Jay was my favorite character, hard exterior built up from things he witnessed during his stint in the military but soft interior hidden to anyone he didn’t trust. The love he showed for the housekeepers at the fishing camp, the way he talked about the memories, it made my heart melt.

Sam truly showed her strengths and what she was made of. She didn’t back down when challenged. In fact it ignited her, made her spark. I really liked how in her element she was when around art or history.

The character that surprised me the most was the ranch foreman. He really wore his mask well. How a man portrayed as a close friend, someone who Jay considered family, someone he trusted could pull off such a betrayal. I was floored by such a revelation.

The first chapter threw me for a loop, it was a change from the norm, something you totally weren’t expecting to happen in a small town. The author did an amazing job describing the ranch setting and the paintings of the ranch. Fish camp was picturesque and would have made a great mini vacation for Jay and Sam if what had happened up there hadn’t transpired.

What I didn’t like…I mentioned something unexpected happening in a small town in the beginning, well it went on, throughout the entire book, the game of cat and mouse it was like a movie. Kind of unreal. Would something like that happen in real life?

Perfect Touch I believe describes the take on the paintings described in the novel as this book was about paintings. The Custer paintings were understated, often unfocused and stated the quiet beauty of Vermillion Ranch. To Sam they were beautiful in their own way and portrayed the Ranch in a different way, an unexpected way.

After reading this novel, I was in denial with what transpired, I just couldn’t believe how much of a plot twist and turn of events happened. The author did a fabulous job with keeping up the suspense and pulling the wool over my eyes.

I can’t wait to read more from this author.

 Individually and with c0-author/husband Evan, Ann Maxwell has written over 60 novels and one work of non-fiction. There are over 30 million copies of these books in print, as well as reprints in 30 foreign languages. Her novels range from science fiction to historical fiction, from romance to mystery. After working in contemporary and historical romance, she became an innovator in the genre of romantic suspense.
In 1982, Ann began publishing as Elizabeth Lowell. Under that name she has received numerous professional awards in the romance field, including a Lifetime Achievement award from the Romance Writers of America (1994).
Since July of 1992, she has had over 30 novels on the New York Times bestsellers list. In 1998 she began writing suspense with a passionate twist, capturing a new audience and generation of readers. Her new romance novel Perfect Touch will be available in July of 2015.

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