Monthly Rewind

Monthly Rewind | April 2015

Monthly Rewind is a monthly meme featured here on Crazy Antics where I post at the end or the beginning of the month, a recap of the happenings in my life, the blog ect. and what I look forward to in the coming month. Monthly Rewind is my spin on Jamie @ Perpetual Page-Turner ‘s Monthly Recap

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5 Things About My Life This Month

1. Employment: I can finally say that I’ve found a job. It’s not new per say as I used to work their about two years ago over the summer and my boss asked for me back. It’s not something that I enjoy doing in fact I kinda hate it but it’s a paycheck and money that will help pay the bills.

2. Final Exams: My winter semester at school is finally over, I took my exams a few weeks ago. Despite having a bit of a rough semester I passed all my core classes, the marks weren’t great but at least I passed and I can do better. I did however fail my elective class which I only probably failed because the teacher didn’t like my opinion on certain topics closer to the end of the semester. With the end of the semester gone it means I’m officially on my summer break until September.

3. Spring/Summer Time: After what felt like a very long winter, the sun has finally come out to play. To celebrate I went to the beach and walked barefoot in the sand. The day that we went, it was very warm and it really felt like summer was here to stay and that spring got skipped over. Alas that wasn’t the case but we went to the beach and skipped rocks on the lake, and I stuck my toes in the water. Unfortunately the lake didn’t get the memo that spring was here because it was bloody cold. It was still fun.

4. My Computer went on Vacation: Around the beginning of the month my video card decided it didn’t want to live on and completely died. Unfortunately because I wasn’t working yet, in fact I’m still waiting to get my first paycheck, I couldn’t afford to splurge on a new one. I went without my main gaming computer for what felt like ever. I still had my laptop, thank god but it wasn’t the same. My dad came home with a used video card a little under a week ago and hooked it up for me so my computer is back from it’s break.

5. Heartbroken: I’m completely heartbroken that Derek Sheppard is dead. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I am talking about the t.v. series Grey’s Anatomy and the main character of ten years being killed off because the actor wanted to leave the show. If he wanted to leave the show his character could have left a different way, it was horrific the way he died and I balled my eyes out like a baby.


6 Songs I Listened To The Most This Month

When I wasn’t listening to Hinder, which let me be honest I listened to Hinder quite alot because it helped fuel my story which I was supposed to be writing for Camp NaNoWrimo, which didn’t happen because I was also way to busy trying to study for my finals, I also listened to these songs quite a bit.

  1. Arctic – Sleeping At Last
  2. Breathe You In – Dierks Bentley
  3. My Eyes – Blake Shelton
  4. Through Glass – Stone Sour
  5. You There – Aquilo


Books I Read This Month

So technically I read these in March but I posted them at the very end and very beginning of this month, and since I haven’t posted any other reviews this month due to dealing with finals I’m posting them.

  1. Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow
  2. Wrecked by Priscilla West
  3. Loving the Rancher by Julie Allen
  4. Finding Southern Comfort by Barbara Lohr

These were four surprising great reads that I will definitely read again.

Most Popular Review This Month

Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow

I really enjoyed Summer Sky, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series

Favorite Quote From A Book I Read This Month

“Love isn’t something predictable, Sky, and doesn’t follow rules. You can’t decide who to fall in love with, or when. Love and logic don’t go together, but when I’m with you, everything makes sense.” – Summer Sky

5 Most Popular Posts Overall This Month

  1. Liebster Award
  2. Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow
  3. Posting Reviews
  4. Waiting On Wednesday {12} To Be Released In My Birth Month
  5. Friday Finds {07}

New Obsessions

  1. Online Classes – I’ve been humming and ha-ing over whether or not I should continue to study throughout the summer. Just a free course or two over the course of summer that I can take at my own pace or not depending on the website and course. I started a course over Christmas Human Anatomy and Physiology but I dropped it when school picked back up in January.  Learning a new language would be beneficial later in my career but I would have no one to speak it with and I’m assuming I’d lose it as fast as I learned it.
  2. Writing a Novel  – Not really a new obsession, I’ve been doing this one for awhile but I really want to stay focused and finish one. I don’t understand what’s taking me so long. I’ve pretty much got three on the go right now I just can’t seem to focus long enough to actually write one. Maybe that’s why I keep failing NaNoWriMo hardcore. Although I’m thinking about applying the studying technique: The Pomodoro Method which I used to study for exams to my writing sessions. For those of you who don’t know what the technique is; it’s a method of breaking your larger study session into smaller sessions, you work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. It’s encouraged you step away from your study space during those 5 minutes. The twenty five minutes is just short enough for you to stay concentrated but long enough to get alot done if you stay focused. If I look up to let’s say get a new cup of coffee within those 25 minutes and I only have less than 10 – 15 minutes left I’d continue to sit and work because I don’t have that much time left until the five minute break. < If that seemed confusing than I’m sorry, it’s probably how I explained it, but the method does work, or it did for me and I got the idea through referral on my studyblr.


3 Things I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

  1. Driving – Now that the weather is nice again, my parents will let me practice driving again. I know that this is a step in the right direction and I’m hoping my driving exam will go off without a hitch come the fall. It’s been almost two years since I failed it the first time and that was a giant step backwards but now is the right time where I’m focused and I don’t have a lot of stuff going on to distract me. I can’t wait to finally save up for a beater so I don’t have to take the city bus to school every day. That two hour commute was killing me and my study time.
  2. Veggie Patch – It’s pretty much a ritual, every May 24th weekend for my family to get the space for the vegetable garden in working order. We spend the entire weekend before clearing it out of weeds and debris, breaking up the old dirt and picking out seeds and starter plants to start the foundation of what usually is a bountiful harvest all summer long. My favorite veggie is the tomatoes because my mom takes the grown tomatoes and makes homemade Italian tomato sauce for pasta and other delicious recipes. We also like making tomato salad, and it only tastes right with fresh home grown tomatoes.
  3. The Sun – April hasn’t been too bad with warmer weather, I really can’t wait for it to be sunny all the time, and as much as I’ll regret saying this later, I really can’t wait for my first sunburn of the summer. I’ll never forget last summer I made the mistake of going swimming all day in the lake without sunscreen, boy did I burn bad. I mean second and third degree burns. It was BAD. A mistake I will NEVER make again. Since then whenever I’m outside I’ve always got a bottle in my bag.

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