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Hey guys,

Today I want to talk about posting reviews, I know it ultimately has to do with how many books you’ve read at the time, when the book was or is going to be published and whether or not your promoting a book or two but my question is do you write and publish a review as soon as your done reviewing a book? From personal experience I haven’t had the luxury…except for that week and a bit where I did nothing but read and I posted all the reviews one after another, or really the motivation to read a crap ton of books one after the other, so I’ve just been posting my reviews as I finish the books.

Also do you like to post multiple reviews on the same day or do you try and spread them out evenly? For that one week at the end of March beginning of April, I did my best at attempting to post them on different days but I did end up with two on the same day. And with that question comes another, do you have a specific day or specific days where you’ll only post reviews, or does it really matter as long as the review gets posted?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic, so let me know in the comments below!
Happy Reading!!



6 thoughts on “Posting Reviews | Discussion”

  1. I usually write them after I finish reading the book. Though, some books I read I choose not to review. For personal reasons, or it just doesn’t suit the theme of my blog. Once a review is written I try to get up two a week. Sometimes it is one novel and one game review. Sometimes two novels. It depends on the week. I think it is a matter of just doing what works for you. Though I do think posting one review a day is plenty. That way you don’t dump content and then not have any for a few days.

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  2. I write a review a.) right after I finish the book so I remember all the things in the book b.) a few days after I finish the book so I can still ponder on the things I want to say or if I’m lazy lol. But I don’t post it right away because I might have left some details.

    I try to spread them out evenly so I can still have something to post for the other days of the week and I don’t have a specific date on when to post my reviews, as long as I think it’s okay, I post it right away! 🙂

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  3. Thanks for commenting ladies, Weezled, you’ve given me some food for thought about not posting a review. I’ve thought about doing that before, for books I didn’t particularly have a good review before, only because I don’t really like giving books a negative review. Although I’ve always tried to find something good to write about certain books.

    I really would like to post more than one review a week. I’ve been pretty sporadic lately with my reviews, mostly because I haven’t had the time to read because of school or just being in a slump. I’m hoping to fix that now that I’ve got a couple months off.

    I sometimes do take a day or two depending on when I’ve finished reading a book to ponder and think about what I’ve read before I write a review, though most of the time my minds made up and I can write on the fly almost always after. There have been a few where I’ve waited a week before writing the review only because I don’t know what to think or my thoughts are mixed and I haven’t figured out how to convey my thoughts. In those cases having a note book with notes on the book comes in handy so I don’t forget.

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  4. I kind of treat writing a review like an essay, so it actually takes me a while to write and publish a review. As I read, I don’t take notes or mark pages where there’s good quotes, but I do jot down moments or ideas I want to mention in the review on my phone. And usually after reading a book, I start a draft and write down initial thoughts (usually it’s just word vomit when I edit it days later). Then throughout the week I usually go back to edit the draft when I feel inspired or up to writing more on that book. I find that multiple edits and the time between each edit gives the reviewer an opportunity to have some insight they may have missed when they just completed the book. Eventually I do publish the review, but it usually states when I read the book at the top. I’m also a strong believer of posting spaced out reviews (and one a day at the most).

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  5. I usually try to write reviews within a week of reading the book. If I’m really on a roll and reading a lot, I’ll save the reviews as drafts so that I can post a couple per week. I try to have regular posting days, but when it comes down to it, I’m more concerned that I’m posting on a weekly basis than being fixated on a day. Also, I’m with Weezled on not reviewing certain books. Especially if it ends up being a genre that I’m not particularly interested in, I don’t think it’s fair to the author to judge it when the content is just generally something that doesn’t appeal to me. Just my opinion though!

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