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Loving the Rancher by Julie Allen

Title: Loving the Rancher
Author: Julie Allen
Publisher: Self – published
Release Date: February 7th 2015
Genre/s: Contemporary Romance
Format: E-book; 63 pages
Source: Bought

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Kristen has the life and career she has always dreamed about. Her world is turned upside down when she finds out the worst news imaginable. Kristen decides to take a break from life and accompany her friend to a working dude ranch. While there, she reconnects with an old flame that has reinvented himself into a sexy cowboy. Follow Kristen’s journey as she decides if old love should be left in the past or given a chance to rekindle in the future.

My Thoughts

This was a good book, fairly short but it was good. Kristen has poured her life and soul into her education and job, she often compares herself to her best friend who works in the same industry but has gained far more and leads a far more profitable and glamorous life than Kristen. The two embark on a vacation after Kristen’s professional life implodes, a vacation that takes Kristen nearly back to her roots, something she wasn’t keen on doing before because she didn’t want anything to stop her from going back to the life she worked her butt off for. On this vacation she meets a man from her past, someone who has the power to make her give it all up.

The book was cute and quirky, I had to laugh at Kristen’s antics when she recognizes Dale and attempts to make herself invisible. The story could have been longer. I felt it cut off right when the story was getting juicy. The author built it up to this point but didn’t continue with the rest. It was a what now? moment.

After some researching, I did find there is a second and third book, hopefully there a tad longer than this one, and the story continues in one smooth take off.

My Rating: 4.5/5





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