Hiatus for the month of March

Hey guys!!

So my semester at school is really starting to wind down, and it’s becoming really busy and filled with due dates, so much so it’s started to make my head spin. I’ve got a game plan that hopefully will keep me from getting super stressed out and having a meltdown. Crazy Antics is like a part time job for me, only it’s a job that I love and can’t seem to stay away from. Unfortunately I can’t give it the attention that it needs right now and it’s been a bit neglected this past week.

I’ve decided that I need for this next little while in order to achieve my semester goals, I really need to focus so that means putting everything else on hold except school until it’s over in a month. So I’m putting this on hiatus. Hopefully only until the end of March, but it could be right up until the second/third week of April when my exams finally end.

I really hate to do this, but the hiatus won’t be forever as it’s only temporary. I’ll still answer comments, likes and follows as well as any emails that are sent regarding Crazy Antics so please send them.

Farewell my friends, happy reading!!
I’ll see you in a few weeks!!


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