Top Ten Tuesday {10} Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike About Romance Novels


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme featured here on Crazy Antics where I post a list of bookish things to correspond with a new topic each week. Top Ten Tuesday is originally hosted by the ladies @ The Broke and the Bookish




I love romance novels, their the foundation for this blog, the majority of books that I read and review are romance. The list is long for the things I like and dislike about them but here are the top ten that come to mind.

1. Stereotypical Couples – DISLIKE…when it’s not done well or when it’s overly thrown in your face. As well as when the author doesn’t set the novel apart from the others out there.  An example being Nora Roberts Bride Quartet Series…this is a good example because despite the stereotypical-ness I actually enjoyed the series because it was done well.

2. Whirlwind Romances – Like… these are the kind when the female character tosses caution to the wind. These pull at my heartstrings.

3. Romances that are short, sweet and to the point – Like… these are the books you can start and finish in a day, they fill the romance craving

4. Knights In Shining Armor Like… theses types of novels appeal to my inner damsel in distress.

This is all I can think of for now off the top of my head. If I think of more I’ll update later.


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