Not So Bookish Finds {02} A bit of productivity things and some recipes to help keep you warm on this blasted wintery day

Not So Bookish Things is a weekly meme originally hosted and featured here on Crazy Antics, where I share all my interesting finds, including but not limited to recipes, articles, music, apps, websites ect.


Hey guys, happy Groundhog Day!!

Currently there’s a snowstorm going on outside my window that resulted in it being a snowday for my siblings and I, it also resulted earlier me having to go outside and dig out the driveway with my dad. I didn’t have fun. The snow was waist deep. This is the first real snow we’ve got all winter long and boy I can tell you that I’ll never wish for snow again, nor am I looking forward to six more weeks of winter

As for this weeks post I’ve got a few productivity things here that I found very useful and a recipe or two.

Stay warm and happy reading!!


Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf made this yesterday, was a really big hit and oh my gosh was it so yummy. I will definitely be making this again.

Creamy Hot CocoaI’ll definitely be trying this one later after I finish my Hot Chocolate from Tim Hortons. My brother and I risked our necks to get everyone a little something after we spent most of the morning all out in the snow. It was worth it – but I won’t be doing it again. 

Productivity Websites:

Padletthis is a online bulletin board website that I’ve started using to create character boards for the characters in my story. I did originally do them on my wall in my office but I was running out of space. This is much easier and I can create a board for each character. You can pin words, videos, photos. It’s absolutely great compared to the other apps I’ve been using. 

PlannersI’ve been using the Blog Post Planner and Calendar to help me stay organized this new year for the blog. It’s been a big help

Skillsharethere are a lot of interesting videos teaching you how to do things. Very interesting. I really liked the lettering videos. 

Stay warm guys!!




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