Monthly Rewind | December 2014

Monthly Rewind is a monthly meme featured here on Crazy Antics where I post at the end or the beginning of the month, a recap of the happenings in my life, the blog ect. and what I look forward to in the coming month. Monthly Rewind is my spin on Jamie @ Perpetual Page-Turner ‘s Monthly Recap


Four things that happened in December

1. I passed all my final exams, woot!! I ended my first semester with a 70 – something GPA, I aspire to have it higher by the end of second semester.

2. I finally got back into blogging on the new blog. It’s rather dazzling and I LOVE it!!

3. I finally saw Mockingjay pt. 1 and I thought it really isn’t all that. It could have been better.

4. I hit 10 blog followers!! (That may not seem like a lot but it’s better than nothing) Thank you to those who are following, you have no idea how much that means to me!!

Six Songs that were most popular on my playlist

Glass by Thompson Square
Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses
People Live Here by Rise Against
Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande
Wicked Game by Phillip Phillips
Slow Me Down by Sara Evans

Top Three Books I Read This Month

* well I only read one and it was pretty good
1. Aspho Fields by Karen Traviss

Five Most Popular Posts Overall This Month

1. What I’m Reading {1}
This is a new meme that I created and used to showcase what book I started reading since I hadn’t been around for a bit. I really liked how it turned out. 

2. Friday Finds {5}

3. Book Review: Aspho Fields by Karen Traviss

4. I did it!!
Just a post announcing that I passed all my exams this semester. 

5. Top Ten Tuesday {09} Top Ten Books I wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing This Year

5 New Obsessions

1. Bullet Journaling
My goal for my second semester is to end with a GPA of 85 or higher. In doing so I need a better way to be organized and while this semester I used the schools agenda to keep organized I was usually running out of room and it didn’t really have what I needed. I was on Tumblr and discovered the Bullet Journal. I’ve been using it and I am in love.
To find out more about Bullet Journaling click here
2. Organization < Studyblrs
3. Knitting
4. Tumblr
I never really got into Tumblr when it first became popular I mean I created an account and looked at it but that was it. I didn’t go any farther than that because it looked to complicated to me and too much work. But lately I’ve started using it and now I’m completely obsessed and use it more than facebook.
5. Castle
I just started watching Castle the tv show, oh my god!! I can’t believe I waited this long. I was looking for a new crime show to watch and well this totally fills the quota

4 Things I’m Looking Forward to In January

1. The start of my second semester.
2. Learning – I’ve been off for a month and I actually think I’ve gotten dumber now that I haven’t been learning anything (not really, but still!!)
3. This month, I can’t exactly pin point the exact date because it’s been so long, is actually Crazy Antics birthday. So stay tuned for a post that summarizes all of her achievements. I’m so proud, and it’s all thanks to my readers!!
4. New Reading Challenges – last year I really slid with the reading challenges but this year I’m determined to stay better on top of things.

That’s it until next month. What happened to you in December?


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