I did it!!

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been a little dead around here, I’ve been more than a little bit under the weather with a nasty sinus infection this past week, that I haven’t even wanted to go near anything electronic, or do remotely anything that adds pressure to my already over pressurized head.

I did manage to make it on long enough yesterday to check out my final marks for my classes this semester and I’m proud to announce that I passed every single one of them. I got mostly high marks (80’s & 90’s) with a few classes (3) that I just passed (50) but at least I passed and that was the goal. I’m really proud of myself and I can not wait until I start my next semester in January.

I’m feeling a bit better today so I’m going to try and finish the blog and maybe post a book review if I get that far, we shall see.

So please stick around I haven’t thrown in the towel.

Happy Reading!!


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