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Sons of Mayhem by Nikki Pink

Sons of Mayhem by Nikki PinkTitle: Sons of Mayhem
Author: Nikki Pink
Series: Sons of Mayhem – #1
Release Date: June 8th 2014
Genre/s: Adult Romance, Romance, Thriller, Erotica, Contemporary Romance
Format: E-Book; 246 pages
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The bestselling Sons of Mayhem four part serial finally available in one book!

This includes Oil and Leather, Blood and Whisky, War and Vengeance and Snakes and Angels combined into one novel telling the story of Nicole and Jase and the Sons of Mayhem. The individual parts have been re-edited and proofed before being combined into one novel.

SONS OF MAYHEM: The First Novel
Good girl college junior Nicole is bored. Bored of her boyfriend, bored of frat parties, bored of college life and bored of studying. When a chance to party with biker gang, the Sons of Mayhem, comes up she jumps at it. Nicole is thrilled to meet the charming but dangerous Vice President of the club, Jase. But when she realizes that the biker lifestyle is rougher than a good college girl like her could ever have imagined she begins to question what she’s getting herself into.

Feel the thrill of the ride with Nicole and the Sons of Mayhem. PLEASE NOTE: If you read the serial parts 1-4 you have read this already! A new novel in the Sons of Mayhem series (not a serial) will be coming in early 2014!

My Thoughts

Nicole is looking for a change and some fun when she asks her friend and roommate Lucy, if she can accompany her to a biker gang’s party. During her walk on the wild side she meets Jase, the club’s vice president. Nicole enjoys her walk on the wild side until things with the club get rough. She’s soon second guessing herself and the choices she’s made to have gotten there, and thinking about the choices still left to make to either; embrace her new self and all that may come with it or what she will have to give up if she goes back to her old self.

I really liked Nicole, and I can see myself as her, bored from the everyday norm that is the college life, looking for something, anything to make it even a little bit interesting. Her decision to go with Lucy is an impulsive one, something that she’s both afraid of and excited to embrace after having a very emotional night and ending her boring relationship. She’s ready to let loose for one night, to have some fun. To her surprise she likes what her impulsive decision has brought on, she believes she’s found herself. I admire her for having the courage and going after what she wants.

I didn’t like Lucy much. She’s a very promiscuous girl wanting to be degraded the way she was. She was excited for it. Although I was a bit sad for her, when things with Brodie didn’t go the way I thought they were leading. I felt deep down that maybe she and Brodie had made a deep connection and they possibly could have become something serious despite Lucy wanting to become a “party chick”. Her nickname “Juicy” is pretty cute.

Jase, he reminded me of Jax Tellar from Sons of Anarchy in fact the whole novel felt like I was watching an episode or two of SoA but I’ll touch on that below. Though he was more loyal to the club, the position of vice president suited him well. I felt he struggled in the beginning with what to do with Nicole, mostly because of his avoidance of no strings attached relations, but then again maybe not because they were getting it on within the first forty five minutes of meeting each other. I really don’t know what he was thinking there.

Brodie’s short perspective provided me with so much more insight on the relationship between him and Lucy. He was really sweet despite our very first introduction of him being not very positive. He really turned out to be a favorite character even though he wasn’t mentioned very much. I really think he and Lucy could have been good together.

Like I mentioned before I felt like I was watching SoA. It was similar in some instances, lots of violence but different in a way to. As much as the story focused on the club it was also focused on Nicole and Jase’s relationship. I felt the romance plot shared a spot up front if not being first and foremost. There was not a whole lot of sex but there was enough, what I liked was that it wasn’t vulgar, and when the scenes did come up they weren’t very in your face about it.

All in all it was a good book. I’m not dying to read it again right away but I’ll keep it around for when I’m in the mood. There’s a good chance I’ll be reading the next book in the series.

My Rating: 4/5

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