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Crash by Vanessa Waltz

Crash by Vanessa WaltzTitle: Crash
Author: Vanessa Waltz
Series: Billionaires – #2
Release Date: April 24th 2014
Genre/s: Contemporary Romance, Romance,
Format: E-book; 177 pages
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Will Pardini is a temptation Natalie does NOT need right now.

Months after calling off her engagement, Natalie is trying to rebuild her failing career and impress her eternally disappointed parents. She has too much on her plate already, but the offer Will gives her – to travel the world working as a graphic designer for his luxury hotels – is much too tempting to refuse.

Reformed bad boy billionaire Will Pardini has had his fill of ditzy golddiggers. Natalie is everything he’d ever hoped for but never dreamed could be real. Around her, he’s just a normal guy.

Around her, he doesn’t feel like such a monster.

Will has been hiding a dark secret… one that shows up just when he thought he would be able to move on with his life. One that threatens to tear apart the fragile connection he’s been building with Natalie and turn his world upside down.

Is it right to let someone love you more than you deserve to be loved?

My Thoughts

Natalie is just trying to rebuild her life after being burned by a relationship, she gets offered the job opportunity of a life time, to travel and help market new hotels for her friends fiance’s company. The only catch, is his notorious playboy cousin who keeps showing up on her doorstep will accompany her on a three week adventure.

Natalie discovers that underneath it all Will is just as “normal” as the rest of us, they become close and she learns of the skeletons in his closet that eventually come back to haunt him. With Natalie’s help Will finally gets to put those skeletons to rest. In turn her shows her that she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone, that she’s her best self already, doing what she loves to do and that’s all that matters.

I really did like this novel, although I wished it was a bit better and longer. I really felt for Will, none as the notorious playboy, he really had a bad rep in the story and I felt it was a bit unjustified. He wasn’t really understood and it sucked and was really sad, the way his parents acted and treated him over the years. No one really knew he was being eaten alive with guilt because eveyone was pretending that it never happened and Will never got to deal with his feelings properly.

I felt Natalie’s ex-boyfriends personality was a little all over the place, and his meanness came out of nowhere, his vindictiveness was like a slap in the face. His actions were a tad out of place, for the personality that we did see.

Natalie was…well there was something off here. The way she let her parents treat her. She’s an adult for one and yes I know we all have that pull to please our parents so we don’t feel their disappointment with the direction are lives are taking, but in the story it crossed the line, it was too in your face. I mean it added and helped her personality but I think it was a tad over done and could have been toned back.

The places Will and Natalie visited on their adventure were described so vividly, I felt as if I had really gone there myself and seen the same things. My favourite part was when Will and Natalie when to Cinque Terre while in Italy and Will expressed his love for cats. It was adorable. Lots of detail but it was good.

The novel was a good little love story, I read it as a stand a lone novel as opposed to have read some of the series. I imagine the first novel would have given me more insight on the characters but you don’t need to read the rest of the series to know what’s going on. I may or may not read the rest of the series. As good as it was it does not make me want to drop everything and go out and buy the other book/s.

My Rating: 3.5/5

The Series

About the Author

Vanessa WaltzHi! I’m a romance author who lives in Northern California. While I enjoy pretty much any genre of romance, the darker the better 🙂 Feel free to drop me a line at Join my newsletter here for discounts, information on new releases, and more!


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