Monthly Rewind | August 2014

Monthly Rewind is a monthly meme featured here on Crazy Antics where I post at the end or the beginning of the month, a recap of the happenings in my life, the blog ect. and what I look forward to in the coming month. Monthly Rewind is my spin on Jamie @ Perpetual Page-Turner ‘s Monthly Recap

4 Things That Happened In August
1. Peach Festival = Peaches and Ice cream = YUMMY!
2. My baby sister turned 14
3.  Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS – with my sister
4. I read a lot less than I expected
6 Songs that were most popular on my playlist
1. Boom Clap – Charlixx
2. Theme Song (Skye Boat Song) – Bear McCreary
3. Don’t Let Me Go – Raign
4. Heaven In Our Headlights – Hedley
5. All I Ever Wanted – Brian Melo
6. Falling Even More In Love With You – Lifehouse
Top 3 Books I Read This Month
Most Popular Review This Month
Most Popular 5 Blog Posts this Month
3 New Obsessions
1. Historical Romance
2. Diana Gabaldon
3. Outlander TV Series
3 Things I’m Looking Forward to In September
1. School
2. Sims 4
3. Learning Something New

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