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Random by Lark O’Neal

Title: Random
Author: Lark O’Neal
Series: Going the Distance – #1
ISBN-13: 978-1-9376-8848-6
Publisher: Barbara Samuel
Release Date: March 20th 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: E-Book; 265 pages
Source: Purchased

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Life is random…

19-year-old Jess Donovan knows better than most that life is random. Her mom is dead, and she’s on her own, patching together a living as a waitress when a car crashes through the restaurant where she works. In two seconds, she loses her job, watches her best friend hauled away in an ambulance…and meets Tyler Smith, one of the hottest, most fascinating–and mysterious guys she’s ever met.

Both for the good and the bad…

Within days, Jess is swept up into the mesmerizing force that is Tyler. Their every touch sizzles, every kiss dissolves them both, and the sex is…fierce. But there’s more to Tyler than his hypnotic eyes. He’s adrift, too, and his body–and his soul–are covered with scars. How can she find herself with a guy who is lost himself?

Until you take charge….

Jess is determined to find her way, and make a life that is better than the one she was given. But how?

My Thoughts

This book didn’t really do it for me. It was okay, but it didn’t really keep my interest, which is why it took my like eight days to read. I really liked the end, and only because it was a total blindside: Tyler’s Past – I definitely didn’t see it coming. But I was also quite sad because after everything that happened I felt that Jess deserved some happiness in the end.

The novel dragged and I really didn’t fully understand Lena’s completely outrageous hatred towards Jess. The characters were okay…Henry was a really oddball, and the same with her “real” father.

The book left me with a lot of questions that will probably go unanswered. I don’t think I’ll read the rest of the series.

My Rating: 2.5

About The Author

Lark O’Neal has waited tables, dispensed drugs to schizophrenics, loaded trucks, answered phones in a call center and tended bar, but the only thing she ever really wanted was to write novels. She writes new adult contemporary romance and paranormal young adult.

As a noted romance and women’s fiction writers, she has won many awards for her books, and writes full time from Colorado.


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