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Top Ten Tuesday {04}

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme originally hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that features our top ten bookish and not so bookish things.

Hey Guys!!

This week on Crazy Antics: top ten authors we own the most books of.

1. Abbi Glines; (9) I own on ebook, the first four books of her Seabreeze Series, and some ebooks from her other series, I absolutely love her Seabreeze series and I can’t wait to read the rest

2. Nora Roberts; (20+) I own lots of her books both ebook and hard copy and this is combined with her other writing under the name J. D. Robb. Roberts, is my all-time favourite author, if I ever get a chance to meet her in person I don’t know what I’d do

3. Nicholas Sparks (16+) I believe I own all his books, I love this author, all-time favourite right up there with Nora Roberts. His novels are unbelievable and I almost always dream that I’ll one day have a happy ending like in his novels.

4. Meg Cabot: I own the entire princess diaries collection. I grew up reading them and have come to cherish each and every single one of them.

5. P. C. Cast; I own most of her House of Night series, yet again another author I grew up reading

6. Kay Hooper; I own most of her Bishop Series. I’m not really into crime stuff but this book series was the best and I really enjoyed it with it’s paranormal twist

7. Karen Marie Moning; I own all the books in her Fever series and the highlander series, I absolutely loved the highlander series and the Fever series.

So I can only come up with seven. I love every single one of these seven author’s that I’ve listed, and would go to hell and back to meet them in person.

Who are your top ten author’s that you own the most books of?


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