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Charming the Alpha by Liliana Rhodes

Hey guys here’s another book review for you, hope you enjoy!!

Title: Charming The Alpha
Author: Liliana Rhodes
Series: The Crane Curse – #1
Publisher: Jaded Speck Publishing
Release Date: October 1st 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Purchased Ebook


Hannah Crane just graduated college, lives at home with her mom, and has no idea what to do with her life. One night while visiting her grandmother, she’s startled by a wold and everything changes.

In the forest investigating a recent rash of murders and missing shifters, werewolf Alpha Caleb Overstreet doesn’t expect to run into a human, let alone a witch. Especially not one whose scent tells him she is his other half…or is she?

As the secrets of her ancestry are revealed, Caleb and Hannah are unable to stay away from each other and Hannah finds herself in danger. A rival pack believes her to be at the center of a curse that would enable them to control shifters. But is Hannah the wolf charmer they believe her to be? Or is she really Caleb’s fated mate?

My Thoughts

I don’t know about my luck lately, I keep getting short books and they haven’t turned out to be very good. This book however was an exception. This book was short but it came to an end where the others didn’t. I really enjoyed this novel. It was quite hilarious, and I never quite knew what to expect. This author was a first time read for me and I enjoyed her writing style.

The characters were alright though at times especially in the beginning it felt like I was reading about this teen girl, there were moments when I felt the main character Hannah acted in a childlike manner but I guess this was just her personality. She really changed over the course of the book and you didn’t really see it so much in the end.

The world that the author created is still a little bit unclear with the fact that it introduced alot of supernatural characters but it didn’t go into detail and I felt it left me wondering about said supernatural character. Maybe more will come to light in the rest of the series.

It was still a very good read and I’d recommend this to anyone looking for something quick and sweet and if your into the whole supernatural mythical being things.

My Rating: 4/5

About The Author

Liliana Rhodes is USA Today Bestselling Author who writes romance with fun, engaging characters. Blessed with an over active imagination, she is always writing and plotting her next stories. She enjoys movies, reading, photography, and listening to music. After growing up on the east coast, Liliana now lives in California with her husband, son, two dogs who are treated better than some people, and two parrots who plan to take over the world.

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