Monday Musings {01}

My First Monday Musings – originally Musings Monday and hosted by Should Be Reading, is a weekly meme where your asked to talk about one of the following each week:
– describe one of your reading habits
– tell us what books you recently bought for yourself or someone else, and why you chose those books
– what books are you currently desperate to get your hands on
– what are you reading right now, what do you think of it so far, why did you choose it, what aren’t you enjoying
– a bookish rant
– a random ramble
This week on Monday Musings, I have a bookish rant.
I was recently cleaning up my bookshelf and trying to find a home for some books my dad rescued for me. My book collection has gotten so huge that the books finally exploded out of the cupboard. I decided what the hey I’ll just donate some of the books I don’t like or won’t ever read to the local library. I would rather donate to the library where people can read the books for free, instead of donating them to value village or goodwill where people will have to buy them to read them. 
When researching about the libraries policy on accepting a donation of books, they stated on the website that they discontinued to accept donations of books. Why? Because it costs too much money to put the books into the system. < I think that's kind of ridiculous. Wouldn't I be saving them money, they wouldn't have to buy the books like they do with the new, it's a free donation. In my opinion I feel they'd save more money that spend more money.
So now I’m out of sorts with what to do with said books. I’d rather they be given out for free than people have to pay for them. 
What are your thoughts on this subject? 

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