Sunday Post {01}

Welcome to my first Sunday Post!!
Sunday Post is a weekly meme originally hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer; it gives a chance to recap on the past week, share our book hauls and give a look at what’s coming up next week. 
This week was the first time I decided to post weekly meme’s as a chance to help get back into the habit of posting everyday and getting my blog more publicized. 
This week for Top Ten Tuesday, I shared the top ten books that I’ve read this year. The top three being: 
For Waiting On Wednesday, I shared Dream Huntress by Michelle Sharp, a novel I’ve been waiting a little while to be finally released. 
Unfortunately that’s as far as I got for weekly meme’s minus this one. 
This week I also published two book reviews: 
I haven’t added any new books to my shelves this week. Hopefully some to come in the following week. 
What I’m Reading
I just started reading the second installment to the Reveler Series by Erin Kellison, the sequel to Darkness Falls; Lay Me Down. I don’t like it as much as I liked the first one, which is a shame, I had such hope. Expect a review shortly. 
I also started reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, another one of Sparks’ novels to cross off my reading challenge list. 
Coming Up!
Monday Musings: my rant on the fact the libraries in my area aren’t accepting a donation of books. Why they aren’t and why I think they should. 
Top Ten Tuesday: The top ten books on my summer tbr list
Waiting On Wednesday: Do Opposites Attract by Katheryn Freeman & A Shard of Ice by Alivia Anders
What’s Next Thursday: It’s a surprise!
Friday Favourites: This week it’s a blog
Stacking The Shelves Saturday: We Shall See

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