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The Laird Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins


Handsome Alexander MacLean enjoyed his intoxicating flirtation with lovely Caitlyn Hurst…until she embarrassed him in front of the entire ton. Orchestrating Caitlyn’s attendance at a fashionable house party, Alexander plots her downfall. But to his fury, her charm and wit thwart his plan to ruin her.

Her disastrous London season left Caitlyn filled with regret and determined to make things right with Alexander. She’s delighted to find him at the house party to which she’s unexpectedly invited – but it’s clear that the sexy, arrogant Highlander hasn’t forgiven her. So Caitlyn comes up with a bold scheme, proposing an unusual contest drawn from legend: each must complete a set of “mythic” tasks. If Caitlyn succeeds, Alexander promises to relent and forgive her previous rash behavior; if he succeeds she will join him in his bed! But can Caitlyn force Alexander to give up his quest for vengeance without giving up her heart in return?

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I absolutely love a good romance book and historical romance books at that and this book was no exception. I usually use a book in this genre as a pick me up after a really crappy day…or week and this book served it’s purpose. I spent a matter of hours reading it, and the book left me in aura of belief that something like that could actually be out there.
The book was absolutely hilarious, the character’s crazy antics were one that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading about. Although this book is part of a series (number 5) this was the first of the series that I’ve read and I found that I don’t really need to read the other ones to know what was going on previously. The novel hinted with the tale of the curse and mentioned small pieces of his families history but not enough to leave you clueless. The author gave you enough to get you through the book as a stand alone than leaving you clueless to read the series from the beginning.
I loved Caitlyn but I didn’t like how all the men were attracted to her, really can anyone have that much charisma that they attract an entire room full of men? I liked her personality and spirit, how she never gave up and always was looking to prove people (Alexander) wrong. I didn’t like Georgianna, But I felt like she didn’t get a finish, unless I missed something. Sure she had a hand in the fight between Alexander and Dervishton over Caitlyn but was that it? yes she made Caitlyn feel two inches tall the night she left but Georgianna wanted to ruin Caitlyn and never missed an opportunity to nitpick about her and gossip – it felt like by the end of the book she didn’t really try hard enough. I mean don’t get me wrong I wanted Caitlyn to come out on top in the first place but after how nasty Georgianna was and wanting to go after Caitlyn because she was in love with Alexander it would have been nice to see Caitlyn knock her down a few pegs, if she had tried to ruin her like she had expressed.
I’m very glad that Alexander came back in the end because after everything they put each other through they really did deserve their happy ever after together. I even actually shed some tears at the end.
The end of the book hinted maybe abouther book with the next generation? Caitlyn and Alexander’s Children, I think I would definitely read the rest of the series from start to finish.

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