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Nora Roberts Reading Challenge

I wish to read all the novels Nora Roberts has ever written including the In Death series written under her pen name J.D. Robb. This list was taken from Nora Robert’s site.

So far I’ve read: 14 of 232 books

Red – Read
Blue – DNF

Affaire Royale
All I Want For Christmas
All the Possiblities
A Man For Amanda
A Matter of Choice
Angels Fall
The Art of Deception
A Will and a Way
Bay of Sighs
Bed of Roses
Best Laid Plans
Betrayal In Death
The Big Mistake
Birth Right
Black Hills
Black Rose
Blithe Images
Blood Brothers
Blood Magick
Blue Dahlia
Blue Smoke
Born In Death
Born In Fire
Born In Ice
Born In Shame
Boundary Lines
Bump In the Night
Calculated In Death
Captive Stars
Carnal Innocense
Carolina Moon
Celebrity In Death
Ceremony In Death
Chasing Fire
Chasing Hope
Chesapeake Blue
The Collector
Command Performances
Concealed In Death
Considering Kate
Conspiracy In Death
Convincing Alex
Cordina’s Crown Jewel
Courting Katherine
Creation In Death
Dance of Dreams
Dance of the Gods
Dance to the Piper
Dance Upon the Air
Daring to Dream
Dark Witch
Dead of Night
Delusion In Death
Divided In Death
Divine Evil
Duel Image
Endings and Beginnings
Face the Fire
Falling For Rachel
The Fall of Shane MacKade
Fantasy In Death
Festive In Death
Finding the Dream
First Impression
For Now, Forever
For the Love of Lilah
From This Day
Gabriel’s Angel
Genuine Lies
Glory In Death
The Hallow
Happy Ever After
The Heart of Devin MacKade
Heart of the Sea
The Hearts Victory
Heaven and Earth
Her Mothers Keeper
Hidden Riches
Hidden Star
High Noon
Holding the Dream
Holiday In Death
Home For Christmas
Home Port
Honest Illusions
Hot Ice
Imitation In Death
Immortal In Death
Indulgence In Death
In From the Cold
Inner Harbour
Innocence In Death
Irish Rebel
Irish Rose
Irish Thoroughbred
Island of Flowers
Jewels of the Sun
Judgement In Death
Key of Knowledge
Key of Light
Key of Valor
Kindred In Death
The Last Boyfriend
The Law is a Lady
Less of a Stranger
Lessons Learned
The Liar
The Lost
The Lost Honest Woman
Loving Jack
Loyalty In Death
Luring a Lady
The MacGregor Brides
The MacGregor Grooms
Meghan’s Mate
Memory In Death
Midnight Bayou
Mind Over matter
Mirror, Mirror
Montana Sky
Moon Shadows
Morrigan’s Cross
Naked In Death
The Name of the Game
New York to Dallas
The Next Always
Night Moves
Night Shade
Night Shadows
Night Shield
Night Shift
Night Smoke
Northern Lights
The Obsession
Obsession In Death
Once More With Feeling
Once Upon a Castle
Once Upon a Dream
Once Upon a Kiss
Once Upon a Midnight
Once Upon a Rose
Once Upon a Star
One Man’s Art
One Summer
Opposites Attract
Origin In Death
The Other Side
Out of This World
The Pagen Stone
The Perfect Hope
The Perfect Neighbour
The Playboy Prince
Playing the Odds Review
Portrait In Death
The Pride of Jared MacKade
Private Scandals
Promises In Death
Promise Me Tomorrow
Public Secrets
Purity In Death
Rapture In Death
Red Lily 
The Reef
Remember When
The Return of Rafe MacKade
Reunion In Death
The Right Path
Risky Business
Rising Tides
Rivers End
Rules of the Game
Sacred Sins
Salvation In Death
Savour the Moment
The Search
Search For Love
Sea Swept
Second Nature
Secret Star
Seduction In Death
Skin Deep
Silent Night
Shadow Spell
Song of the West
Stars of Fortune
Storm Warning
Strangers In Death
Suite 606
Sullivan’s Woman
Summer Desserts
Survivor In Death
Suzanna’s Surrender
Sweet Revenge
Taming Natasha
Tears of the Moon
Tempting Fate
Thankless in Death
This Magic Moment
Three Fates
Times Change
Time Was
Tonight and Always
Treachery In DeathReview
Treasures Lost, Treasures Found
True Betrayals
Unfinished Business
The Unquiet
Valley of Silence
Vengeance In Death
The Villa
Vision In White
Visions In Death
Waiting For Nick
The Welcoming
Whiskey Beach
The Winning Hand
Without a Trace
The Witness
Witness In Death

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